What you give them they gather in; You open Your hand, they are filled with good, Psalms 104:28(NKJV)


Dear Beloved,
As the year 2020 was ending, God gave me a message of this year from the book of Psalms 104:28, GOD TO USHER OUR SOULS INTO GOOD THINGS nevertheless, before I detail how, why and when this message will be useful to

First of all you and me know very well know that 2020 has been a year of its own, in my entire life 2020 is a year I have witnessed when churches all over the world closed for almost five months, when economies big and small shut down not because there was a war or famine but because of the pandemic that hit the entire world and brought it down to its knees.
Many lives have succumbed to this pandemic but we thank God that you and I are still living, however, I want you to know that it was not your power nor your wisdom but God’s mercy.

Given the fact 2020 was a challenging year, many of us have lost jobs, marriage, some people have even lost their houses to loans. In Uganda, we have witness people burning themselves to ashes because they were hopeless and did see any way out of such despair.
Cavid-19’s demises have left us with serious wounds but to us the children of God, God has not left us alone. As we began this it’s a godly gesture whoever begun this year to expect good things from God.

We thank God for the new year, promised to restore us and the proceeds and we believe that God is still working in us, However, even this year God we believe that God is going to usher us our souls with Good things.
Although the world has been damaged by the pandemic and the situation is not yet back to the normal, that does not hinder God from working. I want you to a child of God in this year 2021 allow God to usher your souls into God things. You may see thing appearing to be hard and think that even God is going to do depending on what is happening.

In Psalms 67:1, the psalmist asks God to be merciful to us and bless us, one of the things this we must yearn for is God’s mercy because when it’s present even the blessing of this year we shall receive it. One of the good things we are expecting in 2021 is the blessing of God. God’s blessing will make God look at us with merciful sight.

In His loving kindness,
Kamya Emmanuel