Sunday School Ministry

Sunday school for children in Kintintale Christian Fel-lowship has grown from having tens of children to hun-dreds. At the moment the Sunday school class has its own permanent structure that can house up to 300 children. Every Saturday evening the children’s choir practices music to present to their fellow children and to the main service on Sunday and their music presentations are some of the major highlights of the Sunday main service. The children’s music presentations are spiced with dramatic skits and dances with strong biblical messages.

Resty Nabwana has been with Sunday school right from the inception of the church. She has seen the children grow and heard their testimonies through the years resulting from her work and that of her team mates which keeps her motivated to even be more committed to the ministry. She relates the testimony of one child, whom we shall refer to as Sarah (not her real name) who came to Sunday school with a problem of being defiled every night by an evil spirit.It started when the child was very young and by the time the child came to Sunday school she was about 5 years. The teachers got to know this problem when they were telling children of how powerful Jesus is, that Jesus can even chase away bad things which disturb us when we are sleeping. The kid was able to open up and tell us what happens to her every night.

About Our Church

Kitintale Christian Fellowship (KFC) is a non-denominational church located in Mutungo Zone 1, a suburb of Kampala, Uganda. It is legally registered as a company limited by guarantee according to the laws of Uganda.

Our Vision

Growing God's people into fruit-bearing, spiritually mature members of the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission

To equip and empower people witth knowledge of God's Word and with skills that enable them to perform fruitful ministry that meet felt needs of this hurting world.